Taking the lead in the final sprint

Letting adpl-solutions take care of the logistics will give you more than a breather, thanks to our sophisticated logistics system for advertising materials.

Clever storage, secure packaging, reliable distribution | Your advertising materials show flexibility. They are always exactly where you want them to be. To make this happen, we take care of optimizing your logistics workflow on the one hand. On the other hand, we handle the demand-oriented storage of your advertising materials, including the inventory management and its packaging and worldwide distribution. And it goes without saying that we keep an eye on everything – from the attractive presentation of your materials, to their item-specific packaging, through to all the export and customs clearances.

When adpl-solutions handles the logistics, we find and implement the efficiency potential in your advertising material logistics.

Full-service logistics | Your advertising materials have meaning. They are relevant to the success of your business, which is why the handling process deserves special attention. That's why we have put together a full-service system for your advertising material logistics, which covers all the administrative tasks: from customer support with consistent contacts, to address and master data management, through to the processing of orders for your customers' clientèle. We also offer decentralized billing management and accounts receivable/payable management.

When it comes to the logistics management of your advertising materials, adpl-solutions leaves nothing to be desired.

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